Jim Racine Auctions, LLC
Auction Saturday September 14th 2019 at 8:30 am
Auction Location
239 Biggs Highway (across from Fire House)
Rising Sun, MD 21911   (410) 658-9720
Estate collection of Art Pottery
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Your emails are welcome,
but it is advised that you
call the Auction at
410-658-9720 two days
prior to any sale.
Roseville sunflower vase with
Bottom of Roseville sunflower
vase with handles
Roseville sunflower vase
Large pottery blue and red vessel,
Roseville 77-8 water
lily vase with handles
Pair USA stamped 1871 pink glaze
handled vases
Royal Haeger by Royal Hickman basket vase
Roseville 671-6 Zephyr Lily jardinière
Roseville 388-7 White Rose
Roseville 632-5 Brown Pine Cone
Zeus and the Muses pottery
relief wall art
Weller Woodcraft vase
Roseville Matte green the gate,
Roseville Freesia Pillow vase
Roseville Freesia Ewer
Tonnieshof Carstens W
Germany 76-40 lg. Vase,
Tonnieshof Carstens W
Germany lava style vase
Weller Blue
Hudson tall
base with
Bretby Pottery blue
floral wall pocket
Roseville Rosecraft panel vase 9”
Sascha Brastoff Ceramic vase geometric
Roseville Rosecraft pillow panel vase
Roseville Velmoss leaf vase
Roseville Dahlrose console bowl
Roseville Moss bowl 294-12
Roseville sunflower 2 handled vase