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Jim Racine Auctions, LLC  410-658-9720
Auction Saturday January 18th 2020 at 8:30 am
Auction Location
239 Biggs Highway (across from Fire House)
Rising Sun, MD 21911   (410) 658-9720
Decoys & More

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Jim Racine Auctions, LLC
239 Biggs Highway
Rising Sun, MD 21911
Additional Parking in Upper lot
Pair of Greenwing Teal decoys by Steven R.
Lay, Pair of Mallard by Earl Peters, Pair of
Canvasback decoy by Steven R. Lay
Bob Jobes Pair of
Goldeneye decoys, Capt.
Jessie Urie Rock Hall pair
decoys, Pair of
Canvasback decoys
Small Canadian goose decoy, Small
black swan decoy, Small Redhead decoy,
Old tack eye decoy
1893 Herter’s Inc
Goldeneye decoy
Old Canvas working Bluebill decoys
Cliff Simms GCS
Canvasback decoys