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Auction Saturday January 18th 2020 at 8:30 am
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Rising Sun, MD 21911   (410) 658-9720
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Jim Racine Auctions LLC 410-658-9720
239 Joseph Biggs Memorial HWY (Rt. 274), Rising Sun, MD 21911
Saturday January 18th 2020 at 8:30 am
40 + Decoys Mitchell, Litzenberg, Vincenti, Jobes & More,  GI Joes, Star
Wars, Vintage Toy Trucks, Furniture, Decoys, Jewelry and more.   
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Highlights:   Samuel Tredway Barnes circa 190 canvasback decoy,
Canadian Goose Decoy branded CWJ, Old Canadian Goose Carved
decoy, Patrick Vincenti Canadian Goose decoy, Old Working Canadian
Goose decoy, Howard McMullin Mallard Decoy, Pair of Bob Jobes
Pintails decoys, Pair of Ed Green Pintail decoys, Pair Robert Litzenberg
cast iron sink box Canvasback decoys, Old Working Sinkbox
Canvasback decoy,
Pair of Greenwing Teal decoys by Steven R. Lay, Pair of Mallard by Earl
Peters, Pair of Canvasback decoy by Steven R. Lay, Bob Jobes Pair of
Goldeneye decoys, Capt. Jessie Urie Rock Hall pair decoys, Pair of
Canvasback decoys, Small Canadian goose decoy, Small black swan
decoy, Small Redhead decoy, pair of unsigned Mallard decoys, Old tack
eye decoy, 1893 Herter’s Inc Goldeneye decoy, Old Canvas working
Bluebill decoys, Cliff Simms GCS Canvasback decoys, Cliff Simms GCS
Redhead decoy,
14k gold Necklace, 10k gold ring, sterling necklaces, Estate jewelry:
rings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, pins, etc., 35 mm cameras, Fritz &
Floyd pitcher and bowl,
Star Wars Cardboard Cutout Standee Movie Display Darth Vader,
Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, C3PO, R2D2 and Hans Solo, The Star
Wars Trilogy R2D2 Pepsi Cardboard Movie Standee, Dick Track
Cardboard Cutout Standee,
The Empire Strikes Back Movie poster, Special Edition The Star Wars
Trilogy Movie Poster, 1977 Star Wars Poster 20th Century Fox Poster
printed in Bear, DE, 2 Star Wars Posters 1978 printed for Cascade,
Cheer & Dawn Customers, Star Wars Return of the Jedi Movie Poster
with light Saber, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Movie Poster the
Saga Continues, 1991 Lucasfilm Star Wars Poster, 1992 Melanie Taylor
Kent Star Wars Poster, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Coca Cola
Poster, Star Wars Return of the Jedi Movie Poster, Darth Vader Child’s
Coat rack, Storm Troopers helmet, R2D2 Lamp, Official Star Wars Light
Star Wars Dark Horse Comic 1 to 6 Dark Empire, Star Wars Dark Horse
Comic 1 to 6 Heir to the Empire, Tales of the Jedi Dark Horse Comic 1
to 6 The Sith War, Star Wars Dark Horse Comics 1 to 4 River of Chaos,
Star Wars X Wing Rogue squadron Dark Horse Comic Book, Star Wars
books and 45 records, Star Wars books with cassette tapes, Lucusfilms
Star Wars Sound Track records, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Vinyl
records, Return of the Jedi Special Edition record, Star Wars records,
Disney The Black Hole story and sound track, DC Comic Superman
SkyBox advertising Poster,
Dick Tracy Big Boy’s Getaway Car, 1960’s Dick Tracy Copmobile,
peddle car, Marx City Service Station tin litho toy w/ original box, Ohio
Art Carnival Shooting Gallery w/ original box, 1976 Happy Days The
Fonz Record player, Buddy L Hydraulic Maintenance Truck pressed
steel, Buddy L Fire Dept Aerial Ladder truck, Hubley Transporter Truck,
other trucks, Lite-Bright w/box, Composition doll,
Jerry Raedeke signed print The Briar Patch Kent County, John Taylor
Signed litho of Eagle, African art bowls, African statues, Porcelain
garden seat, modern tapestry, Metal statue of Jockey on Horse, Pierre
Doutreleau signed & Numbered litho, Pair of portraits in oval frames,
Heide Mosaic plate Denmark, Bernie Mortin watercolor.
Lancaster, PA APBA Baseball board game, Hazelle marionette puppet
with original box,
Wood sail boat model, Westinghouse metal blade fan, Childs Western
2 Desert Light Strike Vehicle, GI Joe Action figures: Mine Sweeper, US
Air Force Crew Chief, USMC Boot Camp, National Guard, GI Joe
American Revolution Minuteman, GI Joe Navy Crash Crew, GI Joe 101st
Airborne Paratrooper, GI Jane Helicopter Pilots, GI Joe Timeless
Collection 40th Anniversary sets, GI Joe Search for the Yeti, WWII
USMC Private, Tank Commander Gulf War, GI Joe 8 Ropes of Danger,
GI Joe Red Alert Rescue, Foreign Soldiers Collection, The Navel Battle
of Guadal Canal, GI Joe Billy Yank Union Soldier and Johnny Reb
Confederate Soldier, GI Joe Talking Action Sailor, GI Joe Willys Jeep in
Box, GI Joe Weapons Depot, GI Joe Undercover Agent, General Robert
E. Lee GI Joe, Black Spider Rendezvous, K-9 Patrol Set GI Joe,
Underwater Demolition Set GI Joe, GI Joe Action Marine Masterpiece
Edition, GI Joe Street Fighters, GI Joe Navy Football, GI Joe Army
Football, GI Joe Buzz Aldrin, GI Joe Ted Williams,
Early Walnut Drop Leaf table tapered legs 2 dovetailed drawers circa
1800, Oak 2 sliding door 7’ Bookcase, Oak Bonnet chest, Oak 8 door
Bookcase needs refinished, Oak dresser with mirror, Modern Oak Curio
china cabinet, Pine dovetailed tool box, Cedar blanket chest, Cherry
blanket chest, Pine dovetailed blanket chest, Mid-Century Stripped sofa,
3 sectional sofa, Victorian Mantle with mirror, Small maple corner cabinet
with leaded glass door, 2 Modern Walnut high chests, Modern Walnut
dresser, 2 Sofas, Several Recliners, Oak Drop leaf extension table, set
of 4 Edwardian oak claw foot chairs, Refrigerated candy/display case,
Aluminum Patio table and 6 chair set, wood runner, wool rug, Pair of
Woodmark Tufted Club Chairs, Lamps,
Walnut Eastlake Gingerbread Kitchen Mantle clock, Oak Teardrop
Regulator Clock, Sessions Mantle clock, Slag glass Metal frame shade
table lamp, Barn Style Lanterns, Brass Post lamp, Brown and White
Stoneware Jug lamps, Miniature Sundial, Porcelain garden seat,
Iron Kettle, Ice Tongs, Enamel pans, Copper Pot, Brass Port lamp, and
Inspection Friday January 17th from 3 pm to 5 pm
Terms: 13% Buyers Premium 3% Discount from payment in Cash or
Good Check with proper ID.  Master Card and Visa accepted.   6%
Maryland Sales Tax.   Dealers please bring a copy of your current Tax
ID.  Not Responsible for accidents. All items sold “AS IS” and all sales
final.  Announcements the day of the sale precede any and all
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Jim Racine Auctions, LLC
239 Biggs Highway
Rising Sun, MD 21911
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