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Jim Racine Auctions
2741 Biggs Highway
North East, Maryland 21901
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On Site Auction Friday March 30th at 10 am
Selling Boats, Sailboats and a Catamaran
Auction Location: 145 Hances Point Road, North East, MD 21901
    Listing for Boats for Auction       1/18   
Boats, Sail Boats and Catamarans       1/26   
Sail Boats for Auction     1/26  
Chesapeake Cat/Strider
Catamaran, 24’0”
Dufor Sailboat, 24’1”
Virginia Merryman property offered for sale by
Len Wilson 410-398-1247
Saturday March 24th 2018 at 8:30 AM
Large Estate Auction with Additions
Selling Remington 24" Foundry Edition statue, Furniture, Art, Military Items, Toys,
Waterford, Jewelry, Tools, Household and more
Auction Location: Jim Racine Auctions
2741 Biggs Hwy, North East, MD 21901
 Main Room Auction       
Partial Listing        3/21
Bedroom set, Oak Kitchen Set, Leather sofas & More     3/21     
Art, Statues, DR set and More     3/21      
Rugs, Reclining Sofa & Love Seat,  Bedroom set and More     3/16  
World War II Items, Political, H. Rap Brown Book     3/19   
Patio Sets, Furniture, Safe & More      3/21     
Advertising Tins, Structo Truck, Model Trucks NCR, Trains & More     3/18  
Decoys, Wood Working Tools & More     3/16    
Frederic Remington Bronze Foundry Edition     3/21   
Waterford Crystal, Jay Strongwater       3/17    
Pedal Car, Toys and More     3/21    
 1877 Cecil County Atlas, Vintage Toys and More     3/21
Center Room Auction        
Partial Listing      3/21
 Signs, Tools, School desks and More    3/21     
Sport Collectibles, FM Star Trek Ships, Advertising         3/22  
John Wayne Bachmann Train, Die Cast Cars & More        3/21  
Mushroom Anchor, HH, UFO Books, Fly Fishing Lures & more      3/18   
Currency, West Point Hat, Military Items and More      3/21
Structo Transport truck No 700
Structo Transport truck
Frederic Remington The
Bronco Buster Foundry
for auction Franklin Mint pewter USS Enterprise
F.M. Star Trek
Reclining love seat with console
Bedroom Set
Reclining love seat, Sofa & Chair
Tru Size Metal Miniature Native
American Figures with box
1877 Illustrated Cecil
County Atlas